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Water Hyacinth – A study on its Environmental Impact and Management

Why Water Hyacinth increases in TAPI River – Brief Report is prepared by Nature Club Surat.

Glimpse of Report

  • Water Hyacinth (Eichhornia crassipes) known to cause significant ecological and socio-economic effects.
  • This study highlights the environmental challenge posed by water hyacinth on fresh water sources such as river & lakes in Surat District and investigate the reason of high growth, & problems caused by it.
  • It has Highlighted several ways to control its growth and utilization in this study.
  • What is water hyacinth?
  • Life Cycle of water hyacinth
  • The Problem
  • Control mechanisms for preventing the spread of, or eradication of, water hyacinth.
  • Possible Utilization

 Report :  Water Hyacinth – A study on its environmental impact and management

Prepared by NCS
Surveyed and written by Mr. Krunal Trivedi


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