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Snake Rescue Training Program

NCS had arranged volunteers meeting followed by snake rescue training program at Eco-farm @ 8:00 am on 13/05/18 (Sunday).

Many Volunteers who are willing to work for SPCA and who wants to grab knowledge of snakes had taken part very enthusiastically. NCS senior Members Mr. Goldie Gandhi, Mr. Tejas Patel & SPCA Incharge Mr. Kaushik Patel & Mr. Marmik Goyani had given live training to all the participants.

One of the old NCS Volunteers Mr. Ritesh Nai, who has vast knowledge of Reptiles had also share his knowledge and answered many query of participants.

Major Goal of the Training is:

  • Identification of Snake
  • Handling of Snakes (venomous / nonvenomous)
  • Spread awareness in general public.
  • To evolve volunteers in SPCA activity of Nature Club.

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