Welcome To Nature Club Surat

NCS Museum

  • Club has its own Natural History Museum. Which is located at 81 Sarjan Society, Parle Point, Surat, Gujarat, India.
  • It is maintained and always upgraded by NCS Volunteers & staff.
  • Visiting Hours: 5:00 pm to 7:00 pm on Saturday (Once in a Week)
  • In Museum, variety of birds, Mammals & Reptiles are available, which are preserved by stuffing with cotton and other  medicines.
  • Birds like, Peacock, White Throated Kingfisher, Rose Ringed Parakeet, Spoon bill duck, Peregrine Falcon, Purple Moorhen, Golden oriole   and many more.
  • Mammals like Jungle Cat, Mongoose,  Jackal, Pygmy Marmoset (Smallest Monkey) etc.
  • Reptiles such as snake, Python Skin.
Dinasoure-Thigh bone

Dinosaur’s Thigh Bone

Diff Horns

Different types of Horns

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  • All the Birds/animals/reptiles or any other creature shown here were having Natural Death & preserved at Museum for Nature Education.